The Retail Sketches

I’ve decided I’ll upload weekly sketches here, so people can keep track of my sketching / drawing adventures. ( We’ll see if this blog thing can do multiple images . . . I’ll worry about that later on in the post! Otherwise, external hosting it is! ).

I’ve been working on improving my character design skills and getting my “style” honed. Those who’ve seen my sketches in the past know sort of the “feel” I go for in my drawings, but I’ve yet to really get down a “style” I think. So I’m working on that. I’m drawing on inspiration from a number of sources, all of which seem to have heavy comic book vibes to then – so maybe I should move away from my attempts at realism, and towards a more unique stylised almost “comic bookish” feel ? So far, it seems to be working! Two big influences have been the concept artist – ” SIKU ” ( Did the Concept art for one of my fav. games, “Evil Genius” ), and ” Scott Young “. Scott’s Line art is AMAZING. Simply flawless basically. I’m drawing inspiration colour and line wise from him, as well as a few stylistic attributes. Ideally I’d love to blend the real, with the unreal. In a sort of … uncomfortable cohesive whole …

In order to help me hone my character drawing skills, I’ve decided to try to do one character a day. And where else to get inspiration, but the bane of my existence, the retail environment in which I work. Each day, I’m picking a new person to “inspire” me, and Im then drawing a character based on them. It’s helping alot. So today, I bring you three of my characters. Unfortunately I cant give you any names yet, as I think the people I work with might get annoyed if they knew I was drawing them, though I had a good friend recognise one of my characters as the real person straight away . . . Good thing ? Bad thing ? Who knows…

Smarmy FaceTuck that Tie inThat would be Me

And Finally, Another sketch I drew today to close the blog off, nothing amazing, but still… Something!


– Anthony



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