pictureDRIFT – GOTYE

And People say Australia is devoid of creative juices!

Australian design studio, pictureDRIFT have done this amazing, almost Tim Burton esq video for an artist called “Gotye” ( who also suprised me, the track itself isn’t that bad! I’ll have to check it out! ). However the videoclip is quite nice. Very simple, a combination of Stop Motion and 3d graphics ( as well as some superimposed 2d graphics I think as well ). It gives it this sort of, eerie lonely feel. It really compliments the video nicely, I think the studio ( “pictureDRIFT” ) put a lot of work into this. There’s a link to it down below, what do you think ?

pictureDrift - Gotye

– Anthony

Edit – I actually went out and bought the album this track features on today ( Gotye – Like Drawing Blood ), and it is absolutely stunning.  Combination of smooth beats, relaxing jazz, and elements of various dance styles from all around the globe.  I highly recommend it.


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