A Night Out

What an interesting night I had last night. I was heading out for one of my best friend’s 22nds. She was having drinks in the valley. I wasn’t feeling well as it was, I had taken a fair bit of medication, I wasn’t really thinking straight, and I was tired and feeling generally quite ill. But I never miss this girls birthday, so I went in anyway. And it was a … odd night. I cant describe it properly. SO HERE IT IS IN COMIC FORM!





Yeah, I COULD have tidied the comic up a bit. But meh, sketches scanned directly from my black book. What a bizzare night . . . That bus driver was just strange, and I was actually understating the amount of preachers that were in the city that night. I saw 4 separate guys yelling gospel verses at me. Must have been a busload of them or something. I don’t see how yelling at people will get them to change something as serious as their religious faith. But oh well! Whatever floats your boat crazy soapboxers!


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