The Koopa Family

I’ve finally decided that Bowser ( from the Mario Series ) truly is one of the most evil and sadistic creatures in computer gaming history.  And you need not look at his constant kidnapping attempts, invasions, firey castles or gruff manner.  You need to look at what he named his children. I mean, you’ve got some tough sounding names like “Ludwig Von Koopa” or  “Morton Koopa” or even “Iggy Koopa”.  And then, after finding your way through the diabolical forest of illusions ( super mario world ), you come up against your most fearsome advesary yet.


Yes, that’s right.  Roy Koopa.  What sort of parents must poor roy have.  He really sounds threatening.  I think that’s why the only way to defeat him is to hit him on the head numerous times. It’s an appropriate ending for someone with the name … Roy.

And at this point, you all must be thinking “Boy, that Bowser, he sure is one sadistic little bastard to name one if his kids Roy”, but oh no, you thought that was it ? Along comes Larry.

Larry and Roy.

What a formidable team the two must be.  It must be a fluke that mario can defeat such a dynamic duo of dastardly devilishness.  Bowser, I bow down to your evil additudes and almost psychopathic naming conventions!

– Anthony

ps, just who the hell is the mother anyway? hmm, he has “kidnapped” that princess a lot…


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