Further down the Rabbit Hole

And the Koopa Conspiracy Continues!


Whilst moving through my early morning website ritual, I stumbled up on THIS :

Nintendo of America Requests the Pleasure ofYour Company at the Marriage of
Peach to Bowser

on the 9th Day of April 2007

Yes. That’s right. MARRIAGE!

So who knows, maybe it WAS all true. . . Who knows, All we know is that the evidence is stacking up. The conspiracy continues … Apparently, we’ll find out what happens at the start of paper mario on the wii…

[ Source – PlayNintendo ]


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One response to “Further down the Rabbit Hole

  • jBo stylicus

    Hah, I thought Peach was a virgin!
    So all those times she said “Sorry Mario, but your princess is in another castle” was just a way to divert Mario’s attention away so she could turn around and screw Bowser.
    How very interesting..

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