Okami : Impressions

I’m now 20 or so hours into my new purchase, Okami – and I thought it was time to post some impressions.

My initial impression ? This is one great little game.

Let me delve into that a little deeper !

Okami is heavily embedded in Japanese Mythology. Lots of Japanese Gods, Culture, Traditions and Ideals are weaved throughout the game. You play the role of “Amaterasu”, a poweful god who has the power to command “The Celestial Brush” ( more on mr brush later ). You’re joined on your journey by a little perverted bug called “Issun” ( seriously, the last person I talked to he said “And no, It only *LOOKS* like Im staring at your melons” ), creepy bug…thing. The story goes, 100 years ago, a big monster named “Orochi” each year on the full moon he would ask for a sacrifice – one year, the great hero “Nagi” went to Orochi’s Cave, and had an epic battle. Aided by the God … someone – who’s name escapes me – Who was in the form of ( yes, that’s right kids ) a white wolf. They were successful, and they sealed Orochi away, unfortunately, mr wolfy died. boo hoo. Fast Foward 100 years, and someone has freed Orochi from his prison sleepy thing, oh no! And that’s where you come in.

Okay! enough of that stuff, let’s talk about the gameplay. You’re a wolf. Yep, That’s right. A wolf. Okay, so that sounds weird, yes ? But it’s actually quite cool. You’re fast, you’ve got a nice additude, and you’re a god – what more could you want ? A giant plate on your back ? Okay, you can have that.

To be serious though, the “plate” is your “Divine Instrument” or commonly known as “means to kick arse”. You can combine two Divine instruments together to bring out some awesome power.

Anyone who has ever played a “zelda” game, will know how Okami plays. You have to free the land from darkness in a sense. You go to a location, do some stuff, good stuff happens, maybe have a boss fight, celebrate with sake. And those who have played a zelda game know that there’s always a gimmick. An Ocarina, or a Wind Baton . . . Or in this case ? The Celestial Brush. This is where the game gets REALLY cool. Basically, it alows you to draw straight onto the screen, as if you were using a brush to write calligraphy. You can draw in broken bridges, control water, wind and fire. Bring Withered trees back to life. All sorts of things. The only problem with this , is the ps2 controller. Okami would be right at home on the wii. In fact, it feels like it’s almost *designed* for the wii. It’s a pity they didn’t talk to nintendo!

Graphically, Okami is stunning. Has a hand drawn cel shaded look the whole way through it. And the animations that play when you bring major trees back to life, oh, its so freaking cool. Like this :

That is Right after you re-bloom one of the “Guardian Saplings” – It really gives you this awesome sense of satisfaction.

As for the length of this game , It is long…( apparently ). I think I’m a little under half way through, and Ive been playing for 20 hours. There arn’t really a huge amount of side quests as such, there are a few minigames, you can feed animals, do some fishing, hunt down some monsters. But it’s a very enjoyable game. For those wanting a new game that blends humor, action, fun and adventure with a bit of rpg ( weapon changing, leveling up your health and inkpots and stuff ), then this is the game for you. I actually highly recommend it for *ANYONE* who likes zelda games.

Oh, and yeah, a bit strange isnt it.

A Wolf with an annoying thing sitting on its head.


And a Wolf … With an annoying thing sitting on its head.


I smell a lawsuiiitt! ( I think okami got there first ;) )


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