Advanced Animation : Assignment 1 Intro

I headed back to uni today, after a 3 month hiatus ( got those christmas / summer holidays are LONG ), and I’ve already recieved my first assignment. First paragraph of the criteria sheet is as follows :

MMDS2311 – Advanced Animation
Assignment 1 : Previsualisation

This first assignment will require you to conceptualise and plan the production of the animation to be submitted in Assignment 2 at the end of the semester. For this assignment ( assignment 1 ), you will be required to write a treatment, produce a storyboard, and edit a time-accurate animatic or previsualiation clip clearly outlining the design intent for the final production.

Amazing huh ?

I love these sort of open ended assignments our university keeps giving us. Basically the only real limitations are :

  • we need to have a proposal written by the 12th of March.
  • 30 or 60 second presentation
  • A Concept Outline
  • A Storyboard
  • Digital Previs Clip –
    • PAL, 768×576 or 768×432 ( quicktime codec – boo)

Nice and open ended besides all the deliverables. My biggest problem is the length. I’ve got all these great ideas for clips that I’ve had in my head for so long, however they’re all much longer than 60 seconds. I’m thinking of doing an abstract peice in the form of a video clip for a ( obviously very shortened ) track. Im thinking something similar in style to Emmanuel Ho’s – “The Owl”. A brilliant bit of animation – very simple, but gets the effect accross amazingly well. I actually had a short corrispondence with Emmanuel a while a go, so I might try to get in contact with him again and see if he can offer any hints or tips. I’ll keep this blog posted as to how this project goes. I’ve decided to make each subject a separate category ( or at least each subject worth blogging about ) so if you’re interested in following the subjects, just go via the category menu on the right.

– Anthony


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