Sketches – He’s Decomposing

I’ve had a pretty good weekend! I saw my brothers sketch comedy show ( The Sexy Detective Show ) last night. It’s a combination of live-scripted sketch performances, as well as pre-recorded video work. Entirely written and performed by the cast. It was utterly brilliant. It’s akin to the quality and stlye of Monty Python and the Micalef Pogram. Witty, Risque, and sometimes so clever you just dont realise you should be laughing. Keep an eye out for these boys. here’s a little taste of what you’re missing :

But yes, after seeing this wonderful performance, I went out for drinks with some friends, and had a pretty good night.

Enough about that though, let’s get on to the sketches. I was having an … Interesting morning on friday. These are the sketches that came out of it. I sat down on the couches outside my work, biding my time until I could bare to drag myself through the godawful doors and start a mindnumbingly dreary day of retail. Yes, I need therapy. Sitting on said couches, you have the most amazing view of the latest edition to the shopping centre in which I work.

A Giant Gold Inflateable Rabbit. This thing is huge. I took a photo on my phone, but it’s too much effort to get it onto the computer. So here’s my intepretation :


Followed by some retail depression-


And finally, another sketch-


And then, later on that day in my afternoon break. I realised that I hadn’t given one of my best friends a birthday present. How slack of me. And I was feeling a might down, so I decided to make her something creative. I’m going to do a painting. I havn’t decided if it will be pen based painting, or I’ll venture into water colours. But I’m going to do a phyisical sketch, get it framed, and give that to her. I’ve got the concept art all worked out, and I’ve just got to work on the details – then sketch, colour, (print maybe) and draw.

Here’s your limited edition sneak preview.


And that’s it for tonight.
I’m actually very far behind on some assignments, so I’ve got to work quite hard on those to get them finished. I wanted to post an entry though – It’s nice being able to show people some of the sketches from my black books. They’ve become a little more personal now, so I dont like people reading them. But this way, I can edit the stuff out I dont want people to read. Anyway, Take care kids, talk later

– Anthony


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