Resolume – We’re On The Go!

I’m alive!
No really ! I am!

I finally got my copy of “resolume” the other day, and boy do I love it. Resolume has the great ability of being able to pass variables from itself, into flash. Basically this alows you to create dynamic visuals in flash that respond to the Frequency analysis of the input sound. Mega cool huh ? As well as this, you can send text, or values from 0-100 to flash in order to give even more dynamic – ness to the visual display. Now of course, this isn’t quite as amazing as it could be in a program that alows openGL or 3d, but still, it opens quite a few possibilities in the VJing world.

I’ve uploaded my first experiment.
The bars on the left are getting data from the left stereo frequency values, the bar on the right, the right values. And the circle in the middle ‘glows’ depending on the overall volume. There’s no sound, but it’s reacting to me tapping my microphone. The quality is bad, I apologise, and I would have posted this last night, but the program has some “issues” with recording from flash files, but I figured it out thismorning, and I am hella excited.

Enjoy, the link is at vimeo –

Resolume and Flash :: Beat Detection 01 from a|A


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