Creative Coding and Computational Art

So I’ve decided to really delve into the wide world of processing – and so I’ve picked up a textbook for myself.  There were a few listed on the processing website, one which hasn’t been released yet which looks great, but the one I picked is :

“Processing : Creative Coding and Computational Art” by Ira Greenberg

And so far ( I’m only a few chapters in ) it’s a very entertaining read.  The first few chapters have covered an introduction to computational art and basic programming ( loops, variables, a bit on OO, functional based programming – that sort of thing ).  Which is good, as my OO programming skills are lacking as of late, and I really need to work on my class-based programming technique.  The book is written in a really informal manner too, which is great.  My plan now, is to work through the book, keeping myself entertained with processing “sketches” on the side.  As well as this, I’m doing some filming with jimi and max from HYPERION later in the week, which I’ll be chucking together with visuals.  I’m developing a website for a friend, and I’m also working on an animation.  So I’ve got LOTS to keep myself busy over the holidays.  Too much, do you ask ? Who knows.

I plan to use Computational Art and Motion Graphics in my project for my final semester of uni ( upcoming ), so I want to have this book finished and understood by the 23rd of july ( first day of semester 2 ).  So I can walk into uni knowing exactly what direction I want to head in my final project.  It should be a hoot.  Saw HYPERION play on friday night ( will post photos when someone posts them up ), and I also went to a housewarming party last night — I’m getting some great ideas for my own birthday party coming soon ( hoping to have some subtle interactive art for the party too ! ) – There are some photos here ( not sure if non-facebook people can view the gallery, but there you go ).

 – a|A


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