Rats wearing Hats

Hi there Blogosphere!

So I’ve been horribly sick! Huzzah! I had some weird flu thing, followed the next day by a horrible stomach virus ( yaaay ! ), I’m still only just recovered from it.  Tummy still aches daily.  So that’s the reason for the lack of updates.  It was also my birthday on Tuesday – I’m now 23 and old.  Soon I’ll be only a few years off being able to tell kids to get off my lawn.  First thing’s first though, I have to get a lawn. So on top of being sick and birthdays – I’m back at uni.  It’s my final semester, then I’m all finished and ready to be unleased upon the world ( to do what ? who knows ).  But for now ? . . .

So Tonight I’ve got two little things for you, that’s right, some more “NOT SO IMPRESSIVE ENTERTAINERS!”

I’ve now got #1 and #3 completed.  However I’m questioning the background they’re being displayed on… So I’ve got to boot open Photoshop or Gimp and work on something new.  Anyway! I’m tired, so I give you :


NSIE I – Pretty Ordinary Hat Man


NSIE III – The Pied Piper of Greater South-East Queensland

And that’s it for tonight! Enjoy

 – aA


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I'm a 28 year old Designer from Brisbane, Australia. I've got a keen interest in Motion Graphics, Illustration, and Game Design. View all posts by aA

5 responses to “Rats wearing Hats

  • Sandra McKeever

    Hi there. I am interested in using part of your Pied Piper image (slightly modified – without the rats as it is a diaper service) as my company logo. Can I have your permission to do so? Thanks!

  • alison fielding

    Could you email re your pied piper of queensland image – we would like to use it as part of an image on a low key 7″ single release
    kind regards
    alison fielding
    beggars group

  • a|A

    Thanks for the comments guys!
    Love the biographies wonko, I’ve been keeping a little .txt file in my nsie directory filled with them. Keep them coming!

    sexylegs ( how appropriate :P ), yeah the backgrounds are meant to symbolise that, but my photoshopping(TM) skills arn’t as good as they should be, so they’re not looking as great as I’d like. I’d prefer much more of an old circus freak show exhibit feel. Chances are it will change with time.

  • sexylegs

    The piper is awesome. I quite like the backing actually, it adds -what I’d assumed thus far to be intentional- narrative connotations to your images… that ‘documented/story book/historical recreation’ edge.

    Thanks for those, yes I did enjoy =)

  • wonko

    NSIE I – Pretty Ordinary Hat Man
    No one was forward enough to suggest to Cecil that the supposed entertainment of his fairly ordinary hat wore almost as thin as the hair on his head [which was one of 17 reasons he chose to wear it] and probably why he almost, but not entirely failed to get any repeat gigs.

    NSIE III – The Pied Piper of Greater South-East Queensland
    Thaddeus harboured a business secret. It was long thought that the “tunes” he screeched and tooted on his flute actually attracted rodents – indeed his entire act, when viewed from a distance without focussing very carefully, appeared to suggest this, well, sort of, in a kind of way. A lesser known fact was that the precise frequencies generated by his flute actually repelled rodents of all types [yet strangely attracted snakes] – should this information get out, he would never work again [except in snake-loving circles].

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