Sicko the Clown

I began work tonight on the 6th installment of the NSIE series : “Sicko the Clown”. Unfortunately, after spedning about 2 hours on him, I realised I’ve made a bit of a mistake. See all the other NSIE’s have had one thing in common. They’re all vertical. Sicko, was drawn lying down, and consequently looks rather silly when put on the NSIE backdrop. I’m now a little lost. Do I try and fix him so that he’ll fit ? Do I re-draw him from a different perspective ? Or do I take this as a sign that sicko was not meant to be and I move on to newer things.

Here he is :


As you can see, he’s pretty horizontal. So I’m not really sure what I should do with him. In any event, I’m not doing any more work on him tonight , I’ve got more important assignment-based matters to attend to, however I thought I’d put him up here to see what the internet thinks. Please reply if you have a suggestion.

– a|A

MIDNIGHT UPDATE! : I figured out a pose for him.  It’s upright, you’ll see…oh you’lll seeeeeeeee


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