Sicko the Clown v2

Here he is! Thought of a way to redraw him last night, and I spent the afternoon working on him today. I present to you :

Not So Impressive Entertainer VI – “Sicko the Clown”


On a side note, I’ve been thinking about what to do for my final project for uni this semester. We get to present whatever we do at an expo at the end of the semester, and we’re alowd to do whatever it is we feel we want to do. Originally I intended to work with audio and video to create dynamic audio-responsive visuals. However it dawned on me today that I could use my NSIE’s as my final project. What do you all think ? One will be more work, and will be more of a challenge, and I’ll get some real experience out of it ( And possibly a job in animation programming ), the other I will enjoy, is comedic, And possibly might get a job doing conceptart for computer games out of it. ( we have industry guests coming to the expo ).

It’s an interesting choice to make, and I’m not quite sure which to choose as I’ll enjoy doing both. Advice ? I’m going to think on it for a few days… I’ll keep you all posted.

– aA


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I'm a 28 year old Designer from Brisbane, Australia. I've got a keen interest in Motion Graphics, Illustration, and Game Design. View all posts by aA

4 responses to “Sicko the Clown v2

  • Coopr

    I don’t think that the uni be against you displaying both ideas? Obviously this will lead to A LOT of work, but you could leave one as a minor and one as a major… You’re going to get next to no response from the lecturer (Lorna is good, but Ralf just doesn’t get back to you… ever).

    I think it would be great to see what you can do with processing – I have heard a lot about it AND I saw that demo worm – which looked AWESOME!

    Maybe around your table / room / wherever you decide to display for the exhibition, your minor (assuming the NSIE are the minor) could go on the walls and the major be in the center of the table.

    Again, I don’t see it being a problem – the idea of uni is to get a job and they want to help you as much as possible…

    My 3 cents :)

  • wonko

    Work to your strengths, think about the project that showcases your abundant talents, that is doable in the time and also takes you closer to what you would like to be doing at the moment … the world is your .. umm … er … what is that shell fish that tastes like a salty snot … umm … periwinkle? … ahh, oyster, that is it – the world is your oyster [altho why i would use a seafoody metaphor is beyond me]

  • wonko

    Sicko’s incomplete control over his gag reflex and un-medicatable vertigo made his chosen career path as a high-wire regurgitator and the perenially nauseous circus act that followed as unsavoury for the audience as for the performer. Singlehandedly he also changed the ticket-buying habits of the circus-attending public, making the first two rows of seats the least desirable under the big top.

    Lol, talk about going green with envy – not. I think I also broke my own record for the most hyphenated-words in one paragraph [such a milestone … yes, I must get out more]

  • sexylegs

    They keep getting better. Unbelieveable hahaha.

    Take the option that will be most beneficial to you, it sounds like you’re already thinking that audio-responsive would be the best way to go… what do YOU think?

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