Trentemøller – The Live Experience

I saw one of the most amazing live shows on thursday night. The Brilliant and tallented Trentemøller supported by the also brilliant Booka Shade @ the Family Nightclub in Brisbane, Australia. I enjoyed Booka Shade Immensely, there’s something about their hypnotic bass lines ( ala, Darko ). But it was Trentemøller who really had me awestruck. He played with a 3 piece band which included himself on keyboards / synths / xylophone / Melodica ( Yes, that’s one of these ), a drummer, and a guitarist/bassist/harmonica player. Already you can tell this isn’t your ordinary electronic music gig. There was something about the way the show was performed and the way the tracks were mixed and arranged that made this a simply amazing gig.

Trentemøller’s tracks are normally quite downbeat, so for the dance crowd he obviously ramped everything up a bit – but without losing the character that so many of his tracks were filled with. He also wasn’t afraid to use large periods of music without beats ( which I’ve noticed so many performers are worried about, “if they ain’t dancing, they ain’t happy” sort of additude that, frankly, sucks. ). He played for a little over an hour, and I can tell you if he came back again – I’d be there straight away.

EDIT – Videos are better.

Booka Shade 


I took some photos with my horrible camera phone ( Which I apparently had set to ‘stupidly low resolution’ ). So here are 4 of the better ones, Though my friend max took some with his new 5 megapixel camera phone, so they should turn out a lot better I hope! I’ll get those up to replace these awful ones when that time arises.





In other news, I’ve quit my job ( hooray! ) And I’m giving myself a little holiday. I’ll be working on my portfolio among other things, but more news on that later…

– Anthony


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