Weekly Games & Week 1

I’ve decided that if I want to get into my ideal industry ( computer game design ) I can’t keep working on one big dream game.  Rather, I need to prove to companies that I do have original ideas and concepts, and I can think on my feet in new an interesting ways.  I’ve therefore decided to attempt to design, and code ( roughly ) a different game every week based on a set theme.  I say code roughly, as in my mind it’s the design that is the most important aspect of the game ( at least, when I’m trying to get a job as a designer ) – it is also not that important as I am not the most amazing coder around, and at the moment my programming expertise is limited to processing (java) and flash actionscript.  Since Actionscript is most fresh in my mind, I’ll be attempting to make these little games within flash.

As I work full time, I’m not sure If I’ll be able to complete the games in the alloted week-long period either, but I will endeavour to complete them in time.

So, on to week 1.

I asked my good friend Jason to come up with the first theme.  Promptly he suggested “Fast Food”.  So there we have it.  Week 1 : FAST FOOD.

“Fast Food”

My initial thoughts were to base the game on literally fast food – food which moves.  From there I had the thought of fast food preparation being fast, or rather – those that prepare it.  And had an image of greasy teenagers sliding face-first down a hill.  However eventually I settled on what I think is my favourite of the few ideas.  I like to call it “Artery Adventures”.

It’s like Lemmings meets Loco Roco ( which is kind of ironic since loco roco is basically lemmings anyway ).  You take control over a blob of cholesterol en route to clog up a heart.  The essential aim is to move through the levels from one vein/artery to the next, until you make it to the heart and quite possibly kill your host ( how lovely ).  The user has very basic control over the blob – they can cut it into smaller blobs, or push them together to form larger blobs – and that’s about it.  So how does the blob move around ? Why by controlling the flow of blood and fluids from the veins of course.  By blocking off access passages with bits of cholesterol, the player can raise or lower the level of fluid in the cavity, and float his other blobs to safety.  The more Cholesterol to make it to the next area, the higher the score, and the easier the next stage becomes.

I’ve had other ideas, like blocking off entire veins in order to build up pressure, and use it as a sort of cannon, or the body’s immune system interfering, or even if the flow of blood becomes too constricted, the blood pressure becomes too high and the host expires prematurely.  However I doubt they will be implemented in this week-long prototype.  I feel most of my time will be getting rudimentary water physics working ! But I feel I will go for a very simplified ‘groups of circles’ feel.

Week 1 - Concept Sketches

Coding will begin tomorrow, for tonight – some of my inital sketches.  Enjoy, and wish me luck.

– aA


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4 responses to “Weekly Games & Week 1

  • wonko

    interesting idea – plenty of opportunity for interactive opponents also as you have “good” cholesterol against bad, cholesterol re-absorbtion thru diet etc. increasing blood flow through diet, chemical balance, stimulation might also be fun

  • Jules

    This sounds so awesome. Fantastic idea to get the attention of places you want to work for :)

    I wanna go when you’re finished!

  • a|A

    Yep, you’re right Jase.
    I’ll wait til I get a few under my belt before I start thinking about all that sort of stuff though. It would really be something simple – I don’t really have the time these days to whip up really flash pages ( Hence the lazy wordpress blog – which, mind you – I feel is due for an overhaul )

  • Jason

    Ah man, sounds so good. I can’t wait to check out what you make! :D
    If you get to 5+ games after a while, you really should start up a separate website for them to showcase them.

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