Flash, Processing and Collision Detection

I was going to have the night off my project, but I thought I should try and get some work done on it.  Before giving up on collision detection as a means of rendering my blood, I thought I’d give it one more shot.

I Firstly did some experiments in flash, However with it’s current processing power, Flash can’t handle the volume of particles I’m going to need in order to create the desired effect ( Flash Player 10 ? Perhaps ).  Rather, it can’t support the calculations I need to perform *on* the shapes.

I thought I’d switch over to Processing, and see what it can do.  Using a combination of the traer physics library, and a bit of patience, I made an applet which can happily render 500 particles, and calculate collisions on each one maintaining a decent speed fairly constantly ( hit around 600/700 and it starts to slow ).

You can have a look at the applet here : http://tenfiftyfour.com/akAGames/week1/experiments/applet/

However after completing this, I’ve had another idea.

Rather than doing collision detection on individual particles, I think I’ll scrap that idea.  Instead I’ll move back and attempt one of my original ideas, before examining non-particle-based routes.  Sorry for the disjointed nature of the post – it’s a bit late, I just felt I should post something.


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One response to “Flash, Processing and Collision Detection

  • wonko

    that is very cool, would like to see the collision detection algorithms in use here – particularly interested in the multiple ball collisions

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