Artery Game : Concept Modification, and Character Movement

The few comments I got on my previous blog entry were all fairly positive, I think I’m moving in the right direction with this game.  So the next idea of the list of things to do was movement.  How would the player interact with the game? We all know that a busted control system can utterly destroy what might be a good game.  And after wracking my brains for hours on end, I couldn’t think of a solution.

Then it hit me, I was going about this entirely the wrong way.  I was thinking of how to control a large blob of particles.  What if I was controlling something that itself was controlling the particles.  Not only could I have more precise and controlled movements, but I’d be able to control more than just one item.

And so I decided to bring out the Parasite.

Here is a quick concept sketch of Mr Parasite.

So the player now controls our charming little fellow.  The players goals are the same, the parasite wants to destroy it’s host – but it has to appear to be natural causes, else arouse the suspicians of ‘the man’.

So how would one control our lovely little protagonist ? Well there are two main forms of interaction.  Movement and Actions

To make things easier for the player, I’ve thought about splitting the two control schemes apart.  So you’ve got the keyboard that controls movement alone.  The Parasite can crawl along the ground, float across water, swim in certain liquids, and even climb up certain walls.  Then comes the interesting part : The interaction.

Using his little spiky tail, the parasite can cut, chop, inject, and stab various items and objects, and is control by clicking and dragging with the mouse.  The speed of the motion dictates the type of action.  So a quick slice through a blob of cholesterol splits it into two neat piles, a slow stab allows the parasite to inject that blob with a bacteria or virus.

The Tail can also be used to move the Parasite around.  He can launch himself across the level, use it as a sort of ‘spring’ motion, or stab it into walls to hang from celings.

Of course all of these ideas are still in the early stage, but i’m liking it!

– aA


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2 responses to “Artery Game : Concept Modification, and Character Movement

  • a|A

    Parasite is the controllabe protagonist.
    I’ve got a little .swf demo, will show you tonight – Really basic stuff though, was sort of a little combination of texture/graphic application and simple movement ( horizontal motion )

    User Control is a combination of Click, Key, and Menu.

    Keys to control left/right, basic movemnt.
    Click to control Tail movement
    And Menu to select powerups / poisons.

  • wonko

    interesting, the parasite looks cute, will be be driving him or is he an adversary? there are many interesting aspects to this game but I am particulalry interested int he user-control – command/click/menu based?

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