Game Progress

Thought I’d do a quick update on the progress of the Parasite Game.  I’ve decided to attempt to get it finished by october this year, for reasons which I will explain at a later date.  I’ve teamed up with my friend Ben ( aka, Snookle ), and we’re going to hopefully get a lot of work done from now until the time we would like a nicely functioning prototype ready.

So if you would like to follow the project, feel free to head on over to our google code project page at :

– aA


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I'm a 28 year old Designer from Brisbane, Australia. I've got a keen interest in Motion Graphics, Illustration, and Game Design. View all posts by aA

One response to “Game Progress

  • E. Charles Mcready

    I’m goin’ to be needin’ some help, and I’m droppin’ my dime. I can write story, have probalistic archetype cognitives, so there’s engineering advatage. However, I just have some college. So???? Well, what I did then, now – working on the Science Fiction Japanese Horror Fantasy Anime Gameplay, a parity with my digital content, is I’d check, surf and compare, pick up a nugget and put it “there.”

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