Inverse Kinematics

I thought I’d give another game update.  Progress is moving extremely slowely, work really takes it out of me, and a lot of the time when I get home the last thing I feel like doing is working.  I’m going to start up a proper schedule this coming week though – and force myself to stick to it.  I really want to work on this game, but my brain just doesn’t seem to be up to the challenge! Oh, but I’ll make it.

Okay, so the latest.  In the last post I showed you a movement prototype, I’ve since gone through a few more iterations :

This Iteration was an attempt at added gravity, and modification of the connection code.  As you can see, it’s quite broken.  Consequentially I set out to work on a version that was completely different.

After doing some research, I found ‘ Inverse Kinematics ‘.  Which appeared to be exactly what I was after, and ironically – extremely close to what I was trying to achieve with my first parasite version.  Essentially it’s a series of points that are linked by distance, and relate to eachother.  They can also have limiting angles to ensure that particular points are always a certain angle apart from eachother ( something which is currently causing me a bit of a problem ).

So I whipped up a quick little Inverse Kinematic Parasite.  And another with Gravity ( Left/Right keyboard, Mouse Control Tail ).  So you can see I’m getting close.  But I’m still not there.  Currently I’m working on ‘Rigidity’.   Essentially what I would like to do, is rotate the tail to a particular position, activate ‘rigitidy’ and effectivly stop the tail from rotating any further.  The points are still free to move, but they’re not allowed to modify their angles relative to eachother ( I should be able to do this with inverse kinematics, and I can – however I’m having trouble accessing the correct angle … )

This post is a bit disjointed yes, but I thought i’d try and get something down, and who knows – maybe there’s an IK Expert out there who can offer me some help.  Anyway, as per, I’ve uploaded some lovely design sketches for you all to check out too.  Enjoy.

Exploring Inverse Kinematics

Exploring Inverse Kinematics

Exploring Inverse Kinematics Pt 2

Exploring Inverse Kinematics Pt 2

Movement Sketches

Movement Sketches

Angle Constraints

Inverse Kinematics : Angle Constraints


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