Fluid Simulation Prototype

I thought it was about time for me to give you all a little bit of an update.  The Parasite prototype was moving along a bit slowely – So I thought I’d take a look at Snookle’s Blob Pseudocode. Spend a bit of last week whipping up some quick iterations – and eventually came up with our prototype ‘fluid simulator’.  And since I thought you all might like to have a play with it I’ve supplied the .swf prototype here :

Fluid Simulator

Fluid Simulator

There are other iterations of design in the same directory if you’re interested.  Essentially the way it works is fairly simple.  Each of the particles has a number of ‘connections’ which it is allowed to have.  Particles then are linked to all of its neighbours using ‘springs’.  Orange particles are particles with 0 links.  Green with all neighbours full, and black with at least one, but not all.
I’ve set the prototype code to a setting which seems to work quite well, after settling down – the particles align themselves in a fairly ordered fashion
Particles Aligning Themselves

Particles Aligning Themselves

Clicking on a segment will shoot it vertically up in the air, and notice how the particle blobs stay together.



As you can see, it’s still not entirely there.  I attempted to get some work done on a ‘skin’ for the blobs, however the concept I had thought of doesn’t seem to be doable.

Skin Concepts

Skin Concepts

I’m going to sit back and rethink, but if anyone has any ideas or concepts I’d love to hear them.  Looking at the latest implementation it might be possible to go back to an original idea, where the blob edge was defined by the black and orange particles – I’ll see how that goes tomorrow.

Right now I need some sleep, Living on a main road really not condusive to cleverness.

– Anthony.


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