The Icepick

I’ve drawn another picture.  This one took a long time to put together, but I’m pretty happy with the final outcome.  What do you think it all means ?


The Icepick

The Icepick

 I hope everyone has had a merry christmas, and the new year looks promising for you.


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One response to “The Icepick

  • wonko

    This is a very powerful image, I hope it is not autobiographical as the poor protagonist is indeed surrounded by malicious, demanding and relentless foes.

    As I see it, each attack they want a different piece of him, multiple previous attacks have happened but still he comes back for more, innocence long since turned a blind eye to the proceedings and it appears external manipulators are directing the eviceration from afar amidst the remnants of a shredded career. Nice to see the pancreii making an appearance amongst the organ keepsakes, tasty, fresh and tinged with formalin.

    You are such a talented artist [ I envy your abilty to render such striking imagery], your style is unique [and reminiscent of Gerald Scarfe in angular brutality], I imagine this took a while to conceive, compose and draw as it has balance, style and can be read on so many levels.

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