“I am the Giant Green Iguana”

Some more felafel designs for those who are interested.  The play is still running at the Brisbane Arts Theatre for a few more weeks – so I recommend all in Brisbane attend!  I’ll have some photos of the printed merchendise sometime soon as well – It all came out rather well if I do say so myself

"I am the giant green iguana!"

"I am the giant green iguana!"

For those who have seen the merch, then you will have seen the ‘Green Iguana’ T-shirt.  Although the Green Iguana T-shirt looks great as-is, You probably havn’t seen the original iguana design which unfortunately was too many colours to be printed.  I thought I would show you how the image started.

Original Tshirt Design

Original Tshirt Design

In other news I have a new project I’m currently working on – I’ll let you all know how it goes soon.

– aA.


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I'm a 28 year old Designer from Brisbane, Australia. I've got a keen interest in Motion Graphics, Illustration, and Game Design. View all posts by aA

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