Flash Experiments

axperimentsiteI often make little flash toys and experiments and they always end up just lying around on my hard drive.  I figured I could make a repository to store all of these little timewasters, and so I have!

The axperiment website is a dumping ground for all my flash experiments.  You can view all the items at : http://www.tenfiftyfour.com/axperiment/ or you can view individual items via their own urls ( ie : http://tenfiftyfour.com/axperiment/experiments/02_mouseshooter/ ).

I’ve also added a cool little timewaster game, which I think I might extend in the near future.  Something to keep me occupied while I’m not working on my rad new upcoming entertainer project ( more on this within a week or so – after I’ve got some work done ).


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I'm a 28 year old Designer from Brisbane, Australia. I've got a keen interest in Motion Graphics, Illustration, and Game Design. View all posts by aA

2 responses to “Flash Experiments

  • Girl Clumsy

    I made 41.13 seconds on the Mouse Shooter. Is that good?

    I heard Twitter rumours (Twumours?) of a cheat; but I don’t wanna (also I suck at cheating). It may be slightly tacky, but maybe you could find out what bad/average/good/brilliant times are, so people could rank themselves.

    But that may not be the point; I never know about such things.

    • aA

      There are indeed cheats, which I aim to attempt to squash! I can’t have these people getting 800 seconds, that’s just not fair now is it ?

      The best time I’ve seen without cheating was around 80 ish I believe.

      I should definitely try and save some of the results – who knows, a future version perhaps ?

      I’ve also got ideas on a multiplayer version…But that’s a story for another time!

      – a.

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