Not So Impressive Posters

I’m getting together a collection of entertainers to be printed. However before then I need to redesign their posters. I am currently working through a series of different designs in order to find the one that works best. Here is a sneak peak at a few of the work in progress concept mockups I have made. Ideally I wish to have both the image and the biography on the poster :

What do you all think ?

Any thoughts or suggestions ? (Yeah, I know the white one has some spelling mistakes.  I’m sick okay?! Cut me some slack!)

The eventual idea is to put a selection of 5 or so up on my RedBubble account, see how they sell – and then decide the future of the entertainers from that point on.



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I'm a 28 year old Designer from Brisbane, Australia. I've got a keen interest in Motion Graphics, Illustration, and Game Design. View all posts by aA

7 responses to “Not So Impressive Posters

  • Benk

    +1 on talented, I’m not really qualified to comment on the rest.

    • aA

      Of course you’re qualified.
      It’s your opinion of aesthetics! If something doesn’t feel right, or sit right with you – there’s a good chance others feel the same way. that’s the kind of feedback I want.

  • @KateEdwards

    You are very talented and attractive.

    • aA

      Not going to offer any suggestions / advice / preferences ?

      • @KateEdwards

        I would like the information box at the bottom to be less organised. More like a stained old parchment. That would mean parchmenting the entire poster though, which might not be the look that you’re going for. Carnivals _are_ old school though, so the posters for said carnivals might get ‘messy,’ one could imagine. I suppose if nothing else I’d like to see the text at the bottom less definitive and more ‘messy.’ We have differing opinions on your art though, you know I like the _curves_ ;)

        • aA

          Valid points.

          At the moment I’m trying to figure out layout and positioning – will worry about appearance and feel later on. I considered the use of an more realistic style poster, however with the cartoony nature of the entertainers – I’m not so sure it would work. But it’s something I’ll try once I get the layout a little bit closer to the way that feels right.

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