Lord Theodore Arachnis III & Prognosis Death

I was recently approached by some of the lovely fellows over at Impromafia to make an interactive internet “thingy” for their wonderful improvised medical comedy “Prognosis: Death!”.  Essentially what they wanted was an interactive music and sound spectacular.  The idea would be that you would have one character in a scene; clicking on this character would cause them to speak a generic line of dialog.  Adding another character would cause the dialog tree to change and the two characters then speak lines of dialog about each other, resulting in a sort of back and forth ‘conversation’.  As well as this character interaction, there was also a ‘musician’ character, who would play the musical themes for the various characters within the scene.

We recorded the dialog, took photos of all the characters, and I set to work building the project in Flash ( actionscript 3 ).  Each character had a bank of ‘generic’ dialog, and then a set of lines they could speak to each of the other characters.  All in all each character had approximately 60 or so individual audio files.  These lines were then chosen at random, and played along with a silly little ‘paper doll’ style animation.  Those who attended the show could then buy the ‘thingy’ on a CD, which also contained music mp3s, medleys, and a video composition; All compliments of the impro music master Kris Anderson.

If you ask nicely, I might show it to you sometime.

All in all it was a fun project to work on, and I already have plans for future Prognosis Death Interactive Thingies should the folks at Impromafia decide to do a 4th series.

In other news, I have finished a new illustration and placed it on RedBubble for those who may wish to take a closer look-see, as well as this, I also took a bit of a leap of faith earlier in the week, and submitted a selection of my art to a gallery I quite respect who are looking for artists’ prints to sell.  I havn’t heard back from them yet, but hopefully I will in the near future.

Lord Theodore Arachnis III

– A.

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