Watercolouring #1

For a while now I’ve been wanting to sit down and learn how to paint and draw using something other than pencils, marker pens, and a computer.  So tonight I sat down and attempted watercolouring.  Using tips from all around the internet as well as a wonderful guide from Scott C (One of the raddest artists around), I attempted my first watercolour!

Now it’s not fine art, and it won’t be selling for any amount of money or winning any awards, but for my first watercolour ? I’m pretty chuffed.  I have a lot to learn, but I think I could really enjoy doing this when I get better at it.  Enjoy these photos!

The Setup

Now with added hat!

And a face!

And, the finished product!

Obviously I am still finding my style with the watercolours – and I’m not sure if I will line my drawings in future.  I kind of like the roughness of the earlier versions.  But Its something I will have to experiement with over time.  All in all, tonight I had fun – And that’s all that matters!



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