The Making of an Octopus

I was recently invited to a James Bond themed birthday Party, and rather than just rock up in a tux, I decided to do something a little more unique.  So, I decided to make a plush octopus, and wear cat ears.  Get it ?

Here are some photos of the construction process required to make my Octopus (which I have since decided to name Franklin).  He was made from scratch, with no pattern.  Using Green furry fabric, bumpy blue fabric, hobby fill, and felt for his eyes and spots.  He also has armature wire in each of his eight legs, allowing him to grip on to things.

All in all, I’m very happy with how he turned out!


Planning the design in paper first.
The Materials used

The Materials used

The green part all stitched up

The green part all stitched up





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One response to “The Making of an Octopus

  • GirlClumsy

    You didn’t mention that Franklin won you a very lucrative $10 gift voucher AND a free McMuffin. :)

    Thanks for putting in so much effort – Franklin is pretty darn cool!

    Cheers, Nat.

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