One Word Story

I was helping a friend with a universty assignment late last week (constructing Word At A Time stories) when we wondered what it would be like if such a story was crafted online.  So Saturday morning, I sat down and in three hours knocked up my ‘Word At A Time Story‘ website

One Word Story

Sense seems to be absent from this story.

It’s been running since Saturday (bar a little downtime on Sunday), and the story is … interesting to say the least.  You can mouse over a word to see who added it, and all other words attributed to this user (Alternatively, you can mouse over the user to see the same effect).  Feel free to join and add your own words to the story!

If you’d just like to read the story ( Or you’re on a fruity mobile device that can’t view flash ), then you can have a look at this site, which just spits out the story thus far, as well as the Contributing Authors.


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6 responses to “One Word Story

  • Sam

    How is it that this story, not limited by time or availability of dictionaries/thesauri, makes even less sense than a spoken word at a time story at the Speakeasy?

    • aA

      I’ve been wondering that myself. It really is a wonderful mishmash of incoherent ramblings. I almost want to print it out and read it at a beat poetry night.

  • Caroline

    Hi Ant. Glad to see you’re doing awesome. Miss you.

    • aA

      It’s so great to hear from you! We must have a proper catch up sometime soon. I’ll email you later in the day (I just arrived at work, so I don’t really have the time now). Miss you too! I hope you’re well!

  • wonko

    very cool, would love to see the script for that, is neat and not soemthign I had considered before

    • aA

      The script logic is actually quite simple.

      Once you’ve added your name, you’re assigned an id. You can then add a word (As long as the previous word was not added by you).

      All the words are saved in a database which stores the position in the story, as well as the user which created it.

      And voila! that’s pretty much it. There’s a php script to get the data out of the database, and then dumps it as an xml file into flash.

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