Longest Illustration and Space Party

Recently I took part in the ‘Longest Illustration’ Project over at redbubble ( http://www.damienmason.com/files/Longest/index.html ).  Essentially it’s a continued drawing.  Someone starts, then the next person takes the last 150 pixels of the previous image, and uses that as the start of their drawing.  This continues for ever! ( or until people stop posting – theoretically ).

This got me thinking, wouldn’t it be great that instead of the image only moving left to right, it could move up and down ? Or even diagonally ? Unfortunately it would be super confusing for each artist to figure out what they should use as their template, and where they should be drawing.  Then I figured, hey, I’m a programmer, I could write something to manage that!

And so I have!


I’ve started it off with a new illustration which I call “Space Party”.  Hopefully people will be able to figure out something great to go around it.




If you’re an artist, or artistic, or think you can contribute in some way shape or form to this growing project, then by all means – head on over and check it out! I’ll be updating the software and fixing bugs as we go – but fingers crossed I’ve squashed most, if not all of them!



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