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Slothcule Poirot


Birthday Sloths

It was my sister’s birthday yesterday.  I am not flush with cash at the moment, so I decided I would paint her a picture.  Yes that’s right – paint! Im trying more often now to get used to watercolours (and colouring/hand drawn art in general).  Pencil sketches I can do.  Inked lined? Yep.  But colour? Not my forte – and that is something I wanted to change.  I’ve started to upload some of my latest work to Flickr, here is a selection (please forgive the quality of some of the shots, I find it quite  difficult to get a good digital representation of a physical print.  Scanning is useless, so Im using my SLR – Still trying to get the hang of it)

Sloth in Space

Sloth in Space

Hipster Dinosaur knits himself a new scarf

Hipster Dinosaur knits himself a new scarf


Secret Santa

Secret Santa

Watercolour #2

I am learning lots and lots from this watercolouring.  What I am learning most is that this is mega fun.  I’m slowely getting the hang of the brushes, and figuring out what sort of style works best for me.  I’ve done two more since the other night.  One that I’m not going to show because it’s pretty awful, but this one – I think is my new favourite ( Yeah, okay, she looks a bit like ET, but that will learn me for not sketching out the design first, and just painting.  Enjoy!

Strange Little Girl - Watercolour

Watercolouring #1

For a while now I’ve been wanting to sit down and learn how to paint and draw using something other than pencils, marker pens, and a computer.  So tonight I sat down and attempted watercolouring.  Using tips from all around the internet as well as a wonderful guide from Scott C (One of the raddest artists around), I attempted my first watercolour!

Now it’s not fine art, and it won’t be selling for any amount of money or winning any awards, but for my first watercolour ? I’m pretty chuffed.  I have a lot to learn, but I think I could really enjoy doing this when I get better at it.  Enjoy these photos!

The Setup

Now with added hat!

And a face!

And, the finished product!

Obviously I am still finding my style with the watercolours – and I’m not sure if I will line my drawings in future.  I kind of like the roughness of the earlier versions.  But Its something I will have to experiement with over time.  All in all, tonight I had fun – And that’s all that matters!