The Not So Impressive Entertainers are a series of drawings and sketches which tell the tales of entertainers who didn’t quite cut it in the Impressiveness department.

1-pretty-ordinary-hat-man2-squid-man3-pied-piperparchment_final015-sprout-tamer6-sicko7-captainmoustachio8-enid-and-alpaca9-invisible-man11-master-of-disguises12-chickenwrestler13-mr-conductor15-1000-phobiasLeo and his Shakespearean Sock Puppet Troupe17-captainconstellationNot So Impressive Entertainer #18 - Multi Organ Man18-unescapo20-master-of-the-elements(v2)21-snailwrangler22-sirshoutsalot23-doreen24-tony-insect25-doctor-innoculatorInconsequential Question BoyPeter Blam - The Boy Who Will Never Grow UpRoller Dave

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See them on flickr, here

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