The Twist – Coming Soon

I’ve made a game! It will be out for Android phones soon, you can see a coming soon trailer here.



Damsel Animation

Damsel animation for my upcoming Android Game : The Twist

Slothcule Poirot


Birthday Sloths

It was my sister’s birthday yesterday.  I am not flush with cash at the moment, so I decided I would paint her a picture.  Yes that’s right – paint! Im trying more often now to get used to watercolours (and colouring/hand drawn art in general).  Pencil sketches I can do.  Inked lined? Yep.  But colour? Not my forte – and that is something I wanted to change.  I’ve started to upload some of my latest work to Flickr, here is a selection (please forgive the quality of some of the shots, I find it quite  difficult to get a good digital representation of a physical print.  Scanning is useless, so Im using my SLR – Still trying to get the hang of it)

Sloth in Space

Sloth in Space

Hipster Dinosaur knits himself a new scarf

Hipster Dinosaur knits himself a new scarf


Secret Santa

Secret Santa

Animal Ranking Prints


I’ve started putting Animal Ranking illustrations on Society6.  Get yourself some lovely prints, or cushions before Christmas!

What would you like to see next?

Entertainers and Animals with things on their heads

I’ve added some more art to Society6.  Perhaps you should buy them?

Remote Controlled Owl

Taco Lizard

And, some PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN entertainers from the Not So Impressive Entertainers Book.  Enjoy.

Frontier Acupuncturist

Sir Snobbery

Timmy and his Performing Knees

Hipster Dinosaurs and Pillows

Some new art for you!

Hipster Dinosaurs.

And also, Society6 have started selling pillows! I’ve added a few, so you can hug yourself some arts.  Man they’re super cute.


Absurd Animals and Brisbane Exhibition


Dropbear, from Absurd Animals

I’ve started a little tumblr – in the same vein as the Animal Rankings, comes ‘Absurd Animals’  Mythological, Fictional and Cryptozoological animals from around the world.

You can find it at

In other news, If you live in Brisbane,Australia some of my art is currently on exhibition at Bleeding Heart.  Go and check it out!

Cheerful Hat

I was challenged to draw a ‘Cat in a Cheerful Hat’

Cat in a Cheerful Hat

This is creepy feelin’

With all the wonderful 2d Aventure game news lately (Looking at you Doublefine Chaps), I figured I’d do a little Monkey Island/Grim Fandango-y tribute to the rad Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer.

This is creepy feelin'

Best of luck with the game chaps!