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The Twist, out Now!

The Twist! Out Now

The Twist! Out Now

My game is out!

You can get the full version here

or the free version here

Let me know what you think! I’d love your feedback.


The Twist – Coming Soon

I’ve made a game! It will be out for Android phones soon, you can see a coming soon trailer here.

I’m making Android Apps!

Australians can now sell apps on the Android App store! Exciting.  I’ve uploaded a little live wallpaper so I can get some funds to work on my upcoming game!

Little cells float around on your background.  You can change the colour, the size, speed, all sorts of things.  They will also run away from your finger if it’s touching the screen! Yay.

oooo cellybubbly!

oooo cellybubbly!

Got an Android phone? Why not get it ? Scan the barcode, or search for ‘Cell Live Wallpaper’ by ‘Thunderface Games‘!