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The complete collection of Animals!
Available for sale at Society6 (http://society6.com/amassingham/Animals-fjZ_Print)

Animal Ranking Prints


I’ve started putting Animal Ranking illustrations on Society6.  Get yourself some lovely prints, or cushions before Christmas!

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Animal Rankings

I have started drawing animals.  Everyone has a favourite animal, and I plan on trying to draw as many of them as I can.  Then you, the lovely public, can show support for your favourite! All you have to do is head over to the ANIMAL RANKING WEBSITE ( http://anthonymassingham.com/animalrankings ) and click on the animal you wish to support.  The page will then sort by votes. You can return to the page at any time to re-cast your vote! I update one new animal every day (or so).  So keep checking back! Here are some of the Animals on offer: