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NSIE Book Reviewed!

I was googling myself earlier – you’ve all done it, don’t lie…

And I found out that someone reviewed the NSIE book! I had no idea! Here is the review, you can have a listen.

That was lovely.

WIN a copy of the Not So Impressive Entertainer Book

Those of me who know me, or who read this blog should know about wonko and my entertainers.  You should also know that I’ve just released them in book format! Yes! A book! Exciting things.

What you probably don’t know, is that I have a single, one of a kind, limited “APLACA” edition just sitting at my house going to waste!

One of a kind you say ?
Limited you say ?
Aplaca you say?

Yes.  this is the very first one to come off the printers.  It was so amazingly early, in that it still contained a single spelling error.  Enid no longer has an Alpaca.  She has an Aplaca. And seeing as how I have 10 more Alpaca copies headed my way, I figured I’d sign this one and give it away!

Due to my current lack of funds, I can only send to an Australian – as overseas shipping is just too expensive for me at the time being.  So, Australians only please!

If you would like to win a copy of this marvelous book, all you have to do is tell me :

“If you were an Entertainer, what would your Not So Impressive talent be?”

Chuck your answer to that question in one of those twittery tweet things with the hashtag #NSIE by the 22nd of August, and that night, the winner shall be drawn based on factors such as awesomeness and originality and the likes.


Entertainer Book Now Available

The day is finally upon us.  My personal copy of the entertainer book arrived today (in which my sister promptly found one error, APLACA instead of ALPACA, which I have since fixed).  The book has been reuploaded…And is now available for purchase!

Head here to buy yourself a copy of radness

I might upload a video later tonight so you can all have a skim through the book.  I hope you all enjoy it.  Thankyou to everyone for your support over the last few years.  This is for all of you.  And a big thankyou to wonko – without whom there would be no entertainers.


Entertainer Book: Coming Early July

33 Entertainers!
33 Biographies!
including 5 Previously Unseen Entertainers!

That’s right, we’re almost there! I’ve been working to get the book finished and I think I’m finally on the home stretch.  All the entertainers are drawn, the bios are being revised as we speak, and I’ve only got the rear cover left to draw.  Then it’s just a matter of collating the whole thing and the book is finished.  I hope to have it ready to purchase by early July.

Please head over to http://tenfiftyfour.com/nsie/ and register.  I will send everyone on that list an email when the book is ready to purchase.  It will also give me an indication of the number of people that might want a copy.  And don’t forget to spread the word to anyone who you feel might be interested in checking it out!  Any questions, feel free to ask.

– A

Tasmanian Babes Fiasco Programme

I saw the opening of Tasmanian Babes Fiasco last night, a throughly enjoyable show! Congratulations to all involved.

I picked up a copy of the programme so I could show you all some of the drawings I did for the production.  I also designed some merch, but I havn’t got any photos of that yet! Will update this post when I have some.  Until then, here is a picture of the programme cover, and the A3 double page poster I designed for the centre of the programme!

Programme Cover

Programme Cover

Poster Centrefold

Poster Centrefold

Bearfight! Now for sale

For those of you interested in picking up a copy of BEARFIGHT! ( the book I did a rad illustration for ), then you are in luck! if you head over to the Banner Year Press website, you can purchase yourself a copy of this fine illustrated compendium for the grand price of $12 US ( + shipping ).  I havn’t seen the other illustrations, but they all feature bears, so I’m sure they’re rad.

So once more, that link is http://www.banneryearpress.com/bearfight/


Who ? What ? When ? Where ? Why ? If ?

And so as Felafel enters its final two weeks, I’ve moved on from the illustrations, and done a bit of work on a personal project of my own.  That’s right, Not So Impressive Entertainer #26!

NSIE 26 – “Inconsequential Question Boy”

Inconsequential Question Boy

Inconsequential Question Boy

“Little Timmy Thalbutt approached a Broadway agent with an idea for an act, along with a note from his mother saying that he had her permission to enter the world of show business so long as he was home by 6 and stayed away from “loose women”.

“IQ Boy” was billed as a genius, a modern day Aristotle and premiered during intermission at a mid-day matinee of an experimental production of “Cats”.
In a stroke of theatrical suicide, Timmy broke the fourth wall and began asking oddly compelling but totally inconsequential questions. What baffled the audience most was the fact that he picked on particular spotlighted impromptu members of the audience with these questions, waiting patiently for awkward and wildly incorrect answers before moving on, as if not actually listening to the responses. What’s and Why’s and Wherefores flowed thick and fast before the curtain could be hastily drawn and Timmy whisked backstage for a brisk dressing down to the strains of the jug band tuning up for the overture to Act 2.

Timmy’s career was over as quickly as it had started, he had learned a valuable but none the less painful lesson – no one likes a smartarse. Timmy’s agent waived her usual exorbitant fee, writing it off as a tax deduction, delighted her venture into musical theatre allowed her to secure a dinner date with “The Rum Tum Tugger” supposedly due to an apparent compassion and empathy with kids and nothing at all to do with how he filled his leotard.” – biography by wonko

– a.