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Entertainers and Animals with things on their heads

I’ve added some more art to Society6.  Perhaps you should buy them?

Remote Controlled Owl

Taco Lizard

And, some PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN entertainers from the Not So Impressive Entertainers Book.  Enjoy.

Frontier Acupuncturist

Sir Snobbery

Timmy and his Performing Knees

NSIE Book Reviewed!

I was googling myself earlier – you’ve all done it, don’t lie…

And I found out that someone reviewed the NSIE book! I had no idea! Here is the review, you can have a listen.

That was lovely.

Entertainer Book Now Available

The day is finally upon us.  My personal copy of the entertainer book arrived today (in which my sister promptly found one error, APLACA instead of ALPACA, which I have since fixed).  The book has been reuploaded…And is now available for purchase!

Head here to buy yourself a copy of radness

I might upload a video later tonight so you can all have a skim through the book.  I hope you all enjoy it.  Thankyou to everyone for your support over the last few years.  This is for all of you.  And a big thankyou to wonko – without whom there would be no entertainers.


Entertainer Book: Coming Early July

33 Entertainers!
33 Biographies!
including 5 Previously Unseen Entertainers!

That’s right, we’re almost there! I’ve been working to get the book finished and I think I’m finally on the home stretch.  All the entertainers are drawn, the bios are being revised as we speak, and I’ve only got the rear cover left to draw.  Then it’s just a matter of collating the whole thing and the book is finished.  I hope to have it ready to purchase by early July.

Please head over to http://tenfiftyfour.com/nsie/ and register.  I will send everyone on that list an email when the book is ready to purchase.  It will also give me an indication of the number of people that might want a copy.  And don’t forget to spread the word to anyone who you feel might be interested in checking it out!  Any questions, feel free to ask.

– A

Who ? What ? When ? Where ? Why ? If ?

And so as Felafel enters its final two weeks, I’ve moved on from the illustrations, and done a bit of work on a personal project of my own.  That’s right, Not So Impressive Entertainer #26!

NSIE 26 – “Inconsequential Question Boy”

Inconsequential Question Boy

Inconsequential Question Boy

“Little Timmy Thalbutt approached a Broadway agent with an idea for an act, along with a note from his mother saying that he had her permission to enter the world of show business so long as he was home by 6 and stayed away from “loose women”.

“IQ Boy” was billed as a genius, a modern day Aristotle and premiered during intermission at a mid-day matinee of an experimental production of “Cats”.
In a stroke of theatrical suicide, Timmy broke the fourth wall and began asking oddly compelling but totally inconsequential questions. What baffled the audience most was the fact that he picked on particular spotlighted impromptu members of the audience with these questions, waiting patiently for awkward and wildly incorrect answers before moving on, as if not actually listening to the responses. What’s and Why’s and Wherefores flowed thick and fast before the curtain could be hastily drawn and Timmy whisked backstage for a brisk dressing down to the strains of the jug band tuning up for the overture to Act 2.

Timmy’s career was over as quickly as it had started, he had learned a valuable but none the less painful lesson – no one likes a smartarse. Timmy’s agent waived her usual exorbitant fee, writing it off as a tax deduction, delighted her venture into musical theatre allowed her to secure a dinner date with “The Rum Tum Tugger” supposedly due to an apparent compassion and empathy with kids and nothing at all to do with how he filled his leotard.” – biography by wonko

– a.

Sexy Detective, Sketches, and Parasite Game News


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog entry.  Thought I’d do a quick cover of what I’ve been up to.

First things first, for those who remember a while ago ( Relevent Blog Post ) I mentioned working on some animations for my brother’s sketch comedy show The Sexy Detective Show. The show has long come and gone, and I’ve been told that one of my animations has made it onto the Sexy D Youtube page.

So feel free to have a look at ‘Great Bible Stories, Part 1’

Next on the agenda, What have I been up to ?

Well I’ve done a bit more work on my latest Entertainer, She ( yes, it’s a woman! ) Is all sketched, and waiting to be digitised.  And I’ve also done a bit of random sketching.  Some of which has been uploaded around and about the place, others havn’t.

And finally, News on the Parasite Game.  I’m not going to say much yet, as I want to think about it a little more, but there’s the possibility of some progress there in the next few days – a change of target and direction you might say.

On the casual front, I recently played and completed Okami for the wii.  For those long-term blog followers, you all know how much I enjoyed Okami the First time . So I was incredibly eager to play it with the wiimote.  It took a while to get used to the stick-waggling attack moves, eventually I found it to be highly responsive if you were just patient enough with it.  Flailing about like an eel didn’t help at all, but smartly timed movements were the key.

I very much enjoyed the game the second way through, and I still highly recommend it for those who are interested in playing a game that is as beautiful as it is fun.

I have also been playing :

– Grand Theft Auto 4 ( 360 )
– Mario Kart ( wii )
– Super Smash Bros. Brawl ( wii )
– And a game that is staying in my favourite games list for an awfully long time, Team Fortress 2 ( pc )

I also had a play with ‘Lost Winds’ for wiiware, and absolutely loved the simple and relaxing gameplay.  Very clever work from some very clever people – beautiful art direction too.

Well that’s all for tonight I think.  Will keep everyone posted on the coming days.

– aA