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Animal Rankings

I have started drawing animals.  Everyone has a favourite animal, and I plan on trying to draw as many of them as I can.  Then you, the lovely public, can show support for your favourite! All you have to do is head over to the ANIMAL RANKING WEBSITE ( http://anthonymassingham.com/animalrankings ) and click on the animal you wish to support.  The page will then sort by votes. You can return to the page at any time to re-cast your vote! I update one new animal every day (or so).  So keep checking back! Here are some of the Animals on offer:

Copic Markers


It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  A fair bit has happened! I’ve done a new blog entry over at http://iwanttobeapirate.wordpress.com (My gaming blog), I’ve also finished the website design for my games company : http://www.thunderfacegames.com/.  As for illustration work, I’ve done some top secret stuff.  It’s looking pretty good so far, I’m just going to wait until the whole collection is done before releasing them for purchase.



I’m really writing this blog entry to show you a neato little app I wrote for myself.  I’ve started using my Copic Markers a little more often now, and It’s sometimes hard to keep track of what I own, what I want to own, and then where they f it within the colour spectrum.  So using a simple little database of colours, I created my little Copic Marker Tool.  Items that are Green I own, Blue I want to own, and Black I don’t own.  Just click on the ‘GUEST’ button.  If you were lucky enough to have the admin password you can change a marker from ‘not owned’ to ‘owned’ in a simple click.  But I don’t want you people going and messing up my system! Get out of it!

Hope you’re all well.  Have a great Australia Day

– A.

Tangle Gremlin Illustration

New Illustration!

Tangle Gremlin

Tangle Gremlin

Wonder how your headphone cables get so tangled and knotted when you put them in a bag?
Maybe you’ve got one of these.

Also available at Redbubble in Tshirt Form

One Word Story

I was helping a friend with a universty assignment late last week (constructing Word At A Time stories) when we wondered what it would be like if such a story was crafted online.  So Saturday morning, I sat down and in three hours knocked up my ‘Word At A Time Story‘ website

One Word Story

Sense seems to be absent from this story.

It’s been running since Saturday (bar a little downtime on Sunday), and the story is … interesting to say the least.  You can mouse over a word to see who added it, and all other words attributed to this user (Alternatively, you can mouse over the user to see the same effect).  Feel free to join and add your own words to the story!

If you’d just like to read the story ( Or you’re on a fruity mobile device that can’t view flash ), then you can have a look at this site, which just spits out the story thus far, as well as the Contributing Authors.

WIN a copy of the Not So Impressive Entertainer Book

Those of me who know me, or who read this blog should know about wonko and my entertainers.  You should also know that I’ve just released them in book format! Yes! A book! Exciting things.

What you probably don’t know, is that I have a single, one of a kind, limited “APLACA” edition just sitting at my house going to waste!

One of a kind you say ?
Limited you say ?
Aplaca you say?

Yes.  this is the very first one to come off the printers.  It was so amazingly early, in that it still contained a single spelling error.  Enid no longer has an Alpaca.  She has an Aplaca. And seeing as how I have 10 more Alpaca copies headed my way, I figured I’d sign this one and give it away!

Due to my current lack of funds, I can only send to an Australian – as overseas shipping is just too expensive for me at the time being.  So, Australians only please!

If you would like to win a copy of this marvelous book, all you have to do is tell me :

“If you were an Entertainer, what would your Not So Impressive talent be?”

Chuck your answer to that question in one of those twittery tweet things with the hashtag #NSIE by the 22nd of August, and that night, the winner shall be drawn based on factors such as awesomeness and originality and the likes.


Processing things again

Recently I’ve felt the urge to get back into interaction design.  I’m not sure what prompted this desire – however I am not complaining.  Interaction design is essentially what I have my degree in, and it’s something I really enjoy doing.

I was talking to my friend Julia the other day, and discussing the new King George Square here in Brisbane, and essentially wishing they had done something much more interesting with the space.  This prompted discussions about motion capture and projectors and all sorts of interesting things, and prompted me to finally pick up a new webcam, and start coding again. While fighting a fluey brain, I spent tonight getting the hang of Processing again (Those who know my work in the past might know that I used processing for my ‘aAVis’ Music Visualisation Tool).

I worked on porting my flocking code ( used in my ‘twitbirds’ project ) from Actionscript 3 to Processing:

Flocking Experiment 01

Have a look at the link above and have a play.  The particles should flock around your mousepointer.  It’s very simple, but it was a good way to remember how to use processing again and get back into the swing of things.  This will most likely be the base for a project I will work on, combining audio, and motion capture.  More on the project as it develops.

I figure for the projects I have in mind, I will use a combination of Processing, Actionscript 3 ( simply because it’s the language I know the best, and it can do some rather neat things ), and if I find the time, I’m also going to try my hand at the ever popular Open Frameworks.

All in all, I am excited about all of this.  On the side, I am also working on my illustration projects (I currently have been asked by the wonderful Natalie Bochenski to do some more artwork and Merchendise for the upcoming production of ‘Tasmanian Babes Fiasco‘).

1 Hour Timelapse Drawing (almost)

I decided to set myself a challenge last night; to see how quickly I could whip up a new drawing from an old unused sketch. I recorded screenshots every 5 seconds using chronolapse, then stitched them together into a movie. I figured I’d give you people an insight into how I draw these things.

Using one of my old sketches as a guide; It ended up taking me a little over an hour to finish the illustration, and for something I finished quite quickly, I think its not half bad.

Here is the video and finished drawing for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy.

Music is “Japan – Ghosts”