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Cocktails and Music Visualisation

My sister and I recently decided to host a small formal cocktail party for our friends.

To commemorate the occasion, I decided to flex my processing muscles and see if they were still working.  And so I created a little music visualiser to take us through the night.

Here is a short video demonstrating it :

It was designed to have motion capture as well, however I couldn’t  get the webcam to display a non-mirror image.  So instead of following you, the ball actually ran away from you.  Still, it was fun and added something different to the party atmosphere.


I went to a gig on friday night.  I saw many odd and unusual bands at the HiFi Bar.  Bands with names like Deerhoof, Wooden Shjips and Tenniscoats.

I quite liked Tenniscoats, so I drew a picture of them.

Get it ?

– A.