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Who ? What ? When ? Where ? Why ? If ?

And so as Felafel enters its final two weeks, I’ve moved on from the illustrations, and done a bit of work on a personal project of my own.  That’s right, Not So Impressive Entertainer #26!

NSIE 26 – “Inconsequential Question Boy”

Inconsequential Question Boy

Inconsequential Question Boy

“Little Timmy Thalbutt approached a Broadway agent with an idea for an act, along with a note from his mother saying that he had her permission to enter the world of show business so long as he was home by 6 and stayed away from “loose women”.

“IQ Boy” was billed as a genius, a modern day Aristotle and premiered during intermission at a mid-day matinee of an experimental production of “Cats”.
In a stroke of theatrical suicide, Timmy broke the fourth wall and began asking oddly compelling but totally inconsequential questions. What baffled the audience most was the fact that he picked on particular spotlighted impromptu members of the audience with these questions, waiting patiently for awkward and wildly incorrect answers before moving on, as if not actually listening to the responses. What’s and Why’s and Wherefores flowed thick and fast before the curtain could be hastily drawn and Timmy whisked backstage for a brisk dressing down to the strains of the jug band tuning up for the overture to Act 2.

Timmy’s career was over as quickly as it had started, he had learned a valuable but none the less painful lesson – no one likes a smartarse. Timmy’s agent waived her usual exorbitant fee, writing it off as a tax deduction, delighted her venture into musical theatre allowed her to secure a dinner date with “The Rum Tum Tugger” supposedly due to an apparent compassion and empathy with kids and nothing at all to do with how he filled his leotard.” – biography by wonko

– a.