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Sloths that never quite made it

Here are some sketches for some sloths that didn’t quite make the cut.  Maybe they will one day? WHO KNOWS. MYSTERIES!

DSC_3547 DSC_3551 DSC_3554 DSC_3556

April 4 Sketches

Haven’t posted any art here for a while, so I thought I’d post a few sketches.  They’re up on the flickrs.  I’ll do my best to keep that ‘2011’ set as full as possible.  No promises, because we all know how awful I am at keeping them!


The Young and the Restless


Tasmanian Babes Fiasco : Process Sketches

I have a particular system that I use when drawing characters.  To begin with, I sketch out really rough ideas of clothing, items, basic size and stature of the character into my small notebook.  After this, I usually draw a full character pose ( often not the final build/bodyshape ) to get a more detailed idea of how the whole character design will work.

For those of you who don’t know, last  year I worked on merchandise and programme illustrations for Brisbane Arts Theatre’s production of He Died with a Felafel In His Hand.  This script was based on a wonderful book by John Birmingham, who also wrote a ‘sequel’ : “The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco”.  Coming next week, the Brisbane Arts Theatre will be the first in the world to perform this on stage!  Director Natalie Bochenski has asked me to do some illustrations again, and so I have.

In doing this merch and design work, I have seen the actors, but not the specific costumes they will be wearing.  I’ve had them described to me, and from that point – I can go nuts.  As long as you can look at them and say ‘ahh yes, I know who this is’ then I feel I’ve done my job perfectly.

I won’t show you any of the finished work just yet ( You’ll have to go to the show to see it ! ) but I thought I would share some photos I took of progress shots, rough sketches, and character designs. Some of these will be used, others won’t.  Enjoy! I’ve blurred out some of the sketches that are gags in the show.  I don’t want to give away some of the best sight gags in the production!

– A.

He Died with a Felafel in his Hand

Felafel Program So it’s been a bit quiet here lately, mainly because I’ve been quite busy as of late putting together some sketches and drawings for a Brisbane production of ‘He died with a Felafel in his hand’.  I was asked to do a series of sketches for the program, to possibly go up around the foyer, and to bet put on some merchendise.  The play is based on the book by ‘John Birmingham‘, and is directed by the lovely ‘Natalie Bochenski’.

Opening night was on friday night, and it was absolutely wonderful.  They had a great audience, and everyone seemed to really enjoy it (I know I most certainly did, and will be heading back this week to check it out again ).

I highly recommend anyone in brisbane to head along to the lovely little theatre on Petrie Terrace, and check out the play.  It runs a total of 18 shows from now until the 2nd of May ( Usually Thurs, Fri, and Saturday nights ).  If you do go, not only will you see a wonderfully hilarious show – But you’ll also see such fabulous* artwork such as this :




And of course, there are more artworks there, and more to come! I’ll post some more here in the coming weeks.

– aA.