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The complete collection of Animals!
Available for sale at Society6 (http://society6.com/amassingham/Animals-fjZ_Print)

Slothcule Poirot


Birthday Sloths

It was my sister’s birthday yesterday.  I am not flush with cash at the moment, so I decided I would paint her a picture.  Yes that’s right – paint! Im trying more often now to get used to watercolours (and colouring/hand drawn art in general).  Pencil sketches I can do.  Inked lined? Yep.  But colour? Not my forte – and that is something I wanted to change.  I’ve started to upload some of my latest work to Flickr, here is a selection (please forgive the quality of some of the shots, I find it quite  difficult to get a good digital representation of a physical print.  Scanning is useless, so Im using my SLR – Still trying to get the hang of it)

Sloth in Space

Sloth in Space

Hipster Dinosaur knits himself a new scarf

Hipster Dinosaur knits himself a new scarf


Secret Santa

Secret Santa

Animal Rankings

I have started drawing animals.  Everyone has a favourite animal, and I plan on trying to draw as many of them as I can.  Then you, the lovely public, can show support for your favourite! All you have to do is head over to the ANIMAL RANKING WEBSITE ( http://anthonymassingham.com/animalrankings ) and click on the animal you wish to support.  The page will then sort by votes. You can return to the page at any time to re-cast your vote! I update one new animal every day (or so).  So keep checking back! Here are some of the Animals on offer:

New Illustrations

I’ve been home sick the last few days, and to pass the time when I’m not lying in bed I’ve tried to get some new illustrations done. In saying new, I’ve actually found some old sketches and finally coloured them.  Most of them can now be found on Redbubble, and others can be added upon requests.  Enjoy.

Somehow, Barry knew he would be blamed for this

Somehow, Barry knew he would be blamed for this

Bowler Hat Man

Bowler Hat Man Prints
Bowler Hat Man Tshirts

Heart On My Sleeve

Heart On My Sleeve Tshirts

Sloth Goes To The Fair

Sloth Goes To The Fair Tshirts

Watercolouring #1

For a while now I’ve been wanting to sit down and learn how to paint and draw using something other than pencils, marker pens, and a computer.  So tonight I sat down and attempted watercolouring.  Using tips from all around the internet as well as a wonderful guide from Scott C (One of the raddest artists around), I attempted my first watercolour!

Now it’s not fine art, and it won’t be selling for any amount of money or winning any awards, but for my first watercolour ? I’m pretty chuffed.  I have a lot to learn, but I think I could really enjoy doing this when I get better at it.  Enjoy these photos!

The Setup

Now with added hat!

And a face!

And, the finished product!

Obviously I am still finding my style with the watercolours – and I’m not sure if I will line my drawings in future.  I kind of like the roughness of the earlier versions.  But Its something I will have to experiement with over time.  All in all, tonight I had fun – And that’s all that matters!


Post Brisbane Twestival


So its all over!

Brisbane twestival was held last night at the Joshua Levi Galleries, and what a lovely night it was. Kudos to all at the @bnetwestival team.

Tea with Sloth was auctioned off for charity, and ended up selling for $200! Which is way more than I expected and is absolutey awesome.

I bought myself a rad TwS badge, which you can see pictured. All in all, a lovely night. Thanks all.


The Sloth was Framed!

Tea with Sloth

Originally uploaded by amassingham

And here it is! The final, printed, signed and framed version. All packed up and ready for the Art Auction at Brisbane Twestival this weekend!

How much will it sell for? I’ve no idea – though I’m interested to see how it all turns out.

In Brisbane this friday night ? Come on along.

Twestival Art Auction : Tea with Sloth

I was asked by my friend Julia to draw a picture for the Brisbane Twestival Art Auction (Friday 11th September, Joshua Levi Galleries – Tickets Here). So I got to work and have drawn a special new twestival exclusive which I shall share with you all now, I call it “Tea with Sloth”.

Tea With Sloth

Tea With Sloth

The prints arrived back today and I couldn’t be more happy with them.  Behold in all their blurry cameraphone-d goodness

Now in Print Form!

Now in Print Form!

I’m taking them to the framing place just down the road after work today – and fingers crossed everything will be ready in time for Brisbane Twestival this friday.  Those in brisbane, all are welcome to come to twestival.  Tickets are on sale now, and it’s for charity folks.

So come to Brisbane Twestival, and you could own this one-of-a-kind artthing!

– Anthony.