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One Word Story

I was helping a friend with a universty assignment late last week (constructing Word At A Time stories) when we wondered what it would be like if such a story was crafted online.  So Saturday morning, I sat down and in three hours knocked up my ‘Word At A Time Story‘ website

One Word Story

Sense seems to be absent from this story.

It’s been running since Saturday (bar a little downtime on Sunday), and the story is … interesting to say the least.  You can mouse over a word to see who added it, and all other words attributed to this user (Alternatively, you can mouse over the user to see the same effect).  Feel free to join and add your own words to the story!

If you’d just like to read the story ( Or you’re on a fruity mobile device that can’t view flash ), then you can have a look at this site, which just spits out the story thus far, as well as the Contributing Authors.

WIN a copy of the Not So Impressive Entertainer Book

Those of me who know me, or who read this blog should know about wonko and my entertainers.  You should also know that I’ve just released them in book format! Yes! A book! Exciting things.

What you probably don’t know, is that I have a single, one of a kind, limited “APLACA” edition just sitting at my house going to waste!

One of a kind you say ?
Limited you say ?
Aplaca you say?

Yes.  this is the very first one to come off the printers.  It was so amazingly early, in that it still contained a single spelling error.  Enid no longer has an Alpaca.  She has an Aplaca. And seeing as how I have 10 more Alpaca copies headed my way, I figured I’d sign this one and give it away!

Due to my current lack of funds, I can only send to an Australian – as overseas shipping is just too expensive for me at the time being.  So, Australians only please!

If you would like to win a copy of this marvelous book, all you have to do is tell me :

“If you were an Entertainer, what would your Not So Impressive talent be?”

Chuck your answer to that question in one of those twittery tweet things with the hashtag #NSIE by the 22nd of August, and that night, the winner shall be drawn based on factors such as awesomeness and originality and the likes.